Creative Hands Gallery

Nancy Jones

Sharing experiences and connecting to our community visually.

Local Cape Cod photographer and videographer since 1993. Member of the Cape Cod Art Association and Camera Club.

Born with camera in hand and educated in the field of design, I consistently seek out opportunities to capture the native beauty of Cape Cod. Having an insatiable love for nature and shooting what I love my photography is a collection of Cape Cod's remarkable landscapes and the amazing wild life that call it home.  

From behind the lens, I witness the natural order of things on Cape Cod Bay and Stellwagon Bank National Marine Sanctuary during the spring and summer months.  During the off season living the life of a landlubber allows me to explore Cape Cod's flawless and alluring landscapes that attract so many. 

Life is an adventure with endless possibilities.  I consider myself a natural story teller and choose to share my adventures thru my photographs.